Entry Requirements

At least a first or higher degree or its equivalent from a recognized, accredited institution plus Evidence of being an administrator (Administration Track), or a teacher/lecturer at the secondary (Secondary Education Track), or tertiary, (Higher Education Track) level plus Evidence of being able to provide a teaching time-table to meet Practicum requirements of a minimum of twelve (12) hours weekly, in a subject area at the required level.


First Year
First Year
Semester 1
Course Code Course Name Course Credits Remarks
YYY5101 Elective 3 Choose either EFN5103 (Higher Education Track), EFN5104 (Administration Track) OR EFN5106 (Secondary Education Track).
AAA4104 Additional Course (4 Credits) 4 Select the slot for Chinese/Mandarin Course
YYY5102 Elective 3 Choose either EDC5100 (Higher Education track) OR EBS5104, EEN5104, ESC5104, EMA5104, ESS5104 OR EML5104 (Secondary Education track), OR EFN5203 (Administration track)
Semester 2
Course Code Course Name Course Credits Remarks
AAA4204 Additional Course (4 Credits) 4 Use this course to register for Chinese/Mandarin course.
YYY5201 Elective 3 Choose either EFN5201 (for Higher Education track and Administration track) OR EDC5200 (for Secondary track only).
EDC5201 Projects in the Theory of Education 3 All three Tracks
Annual Attachment
Course Code Course Name Course Credits Remarks
SSS5001 Elective 6 Choose Either EDC5000 (Secondary Education Track) OR EFN5000 (Administration or Higher Education Track).

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