New Bachelor of Science Degree in Sustainable Tourism Management

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UG’s School of Entrepreneurship and Business Innovation Announces New Bachelor of Science Degree in Sustainable Tourism Management

The University of Guyana’s School of Entrepreneurship and Business Innovation (SEBI) has launched a new Bachelor of Science (BSc) in Sustainable Tourism Management, adding to the list of several new programmes being introduced by the University at both the Undergraduate and Post-graduate levels for the 2021/2022 Academic Year. 

The new BSc programme in Sustainable Tourism Management is intended to replace the Bachelor of Arts in Tourism and the Associate of Arts in Tourism Studies. It is geared towards addressing the growing needs of Guyana and the region by creating a new group of graduates who will possess the competence, knowledge, and practical skills to aid in (1) viewing sustainable tourism as a vital mechanism to the economic development of Guyana, (2) appreciating the imperativeness of balancing tourism, the protection of the physical and social environment and economic development, and (3) respecting the historical importance and knowledge of indigenous communities and valuing their contributions to development.

The programme is scheduled to commence online in October, 2021. It is comprised of 126 credits which are to be completed over four (4) years (eight semesters) and will be offered both online and face-to-face modes. 

The programme capitalises on Guyana’s competitive advantage of being the world’s number one ecotourism destination and the uniqueness of Guyana’s tourism resources while satisfying the demands of the industry. It incorporates a strong combination of SEBI’s foundational courses and specialist tourism courses.

Some of these exciting specialist tourism courses include: Eco-Tourism Development; History and Culture Tourism; Indigenous Peoples and Tourism; Community Based Tourism; Facilities & Attraction Management; Facilities & Attraction Management; Tourism Planning & Policy; Tourism Entrepreneurship & Events Management; Eco-Tourism Operations Management; and Marketing Sustainable Tourism. 

The BSc Sustainable Tourism was drafted by a team from SEBI under the leadership of Ms. Evelina Singh, Head of Department of Entrepreneurship and Management. The core drafters included Ms. Aletha Connelly, Ms. Camille Ishmael, Ms. Shenera Sam, and Ms. Evelina Singh. The process was supported by Ms. Tracy Alves, Academic Advisor and Ms. Tamika Profitt, Administrative Officer. 

Providing a brief overview on the prospects of the programme, Ms. Singh noted: “The BSc in Sustainable Tourism Management is like no other tourism programme in the region. It is truly in a league of its own. The programme is robust and satisfies the demands of both industry and academia; it is aligned with international and regional standards; it is grounded in the protection of the environment - both physical and social; the protection of indigenous cultures and communities; and best practices in business. The future of the tourism industry is already here and it is sustainable tourism.”


The programme seeks to prepare students to be entrepreneurs and for high level positions such as: Sustainable Tourism Consultant; Sustainable Tourism Researcher; Sustainable Tourism Policy Analyst; Sustainable Tourism Advisor; Educator; Destination Development Manager; Eco Tourism Development Specialist; Tourism Project Manager; Tourism Product Development Specialist; Marketing Sustainable Tourism Manager and Hotel/ Restaurant Manager. 


Persons who are working in the tourism industry and those interested in the tourism industry are welcomed to apply for the programme. Persons who wish to pursue one of the programmes being offered by SEBI are kindly asked to click on the following link:


Prospective students can also choose from over 140 Programmes including those offered at the PhD, Masters, Postgraduate, Undergraduate, Associate Degree, and Diploma and Certificate levels.


The University has instituted a rolling application process for the first semester of the new academic year. Applicants can also apply for admission pending their results.  Due to the impact of the COVID-19 pandemic on the education sector, there is a choice of online or blended learning with the use of state-of-the-art technologies.


For a full list of UG’s Programme offerings kindly visit the following site:


Prospective students can also find their programme of choice by exploring the following links: 

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