New Coronavirus Alert to All Staff and Students of UG

31st January, 2020 0 comments

The World Health Organization has issued an alert for a new unknown virus. It is a class of viruses which have not been identified before in humans. This class is generally called coronaviruses .

This recent one seems to be contagious and can be airborne or spread by direct contact. It can be fatal and seems to be fast becoming a global health threat. We are urging everyone to not panic but to be on high alert for the symptoms and to take precautions as directed by WHO and local health authorities. Please view and share this short video below which describes the virus. Please also consider carefully the impact of sharing videos and posts circulating  which suggest that this virus is a hoax.

Prevention is better than cure since there is no cure yet for this virus. And Protection and detection are better than ignorance which can lead to unnecessary illness or death. UG's website will devote a page to all credible  information about this virus for our information and appropriate responsible actions.

Be healthy: mind, body and soul. 



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