UG Celebrates 10 Years of Online Service

3rd May, 2019 0 comments

The University of Guyana celebrates completion of 10 years of offering online services on the 19th April 2019. Students Records Management System (SRMS) was opened for Online Applications on the 19th April 2009.

Prior to this, Prospective Students, Current Students and Alumni had to make their applications on paper for various students services. After the launch of SRMS, many features like Registration for courses, Leave of Absence, Change of Registration, Exemptions, Transfers, Programme Withdrawals, Transcript Applications, Payment Options, etc were added in a phased manner.

SRMS has been designed and developed using Free and Open Source Software by the staff from Department of Software Services. Our team is conscious of the fact that SRMS has to be more student-friendly, easy to use and there is so much scope for improvements. It's a work in progress. We are happy to be of service to you. - Staff, Dept. Of Software Services

Anniversaries are always opportunities to reflect and give appreciation, and a tenth anniversary is an even more notable milestone, especially for something as institutionally significant and impactful as the SRMS. Thus, allow me to take this opportunity to record my enormous thanks to the Software Services team, both for creating this enterprise mechanism and for maintaining and enhancing it over the years.

I trust that our efforts to move to an industry enterprise soon will begin to bear fruit, and that we shall be celebrating the launch of Ellucian Banner before too long.

Professor Ivelaw Lloyd Griffith, Ph.D., C.C.H., Vice Chancellor and Principal

Without SRMS - A student visits my office, airs a concern. I listen, then ask the student to return because I want to peruse her/his academic records. After the perusal, I request the student to return, then conclude the matter. A passage of time no less than 24 hours has elapsed.

With SRMS - I go online, and retrieve the student’s record electronically, while the student is in my office. I peruse the record and deal with the matter immediately. A passage of time no more than 15 minutes has elapsed!

This transformational relationship between the University and its clientele was only possible with the advent of the SRMS.

From online application for admission to online application for a transcript, our client can be within the comfort of home or office and complete transactions with us.

Students are notified via email when grades are available, financial standing can be viewed and monitored by administrative Heads and clients online, and alumni can track the progress of their transcript applications.

Internal transfer of physical files has been minimized. Staff in the Faculty and the Registry can view the same record simultaneously.

Indeed, we have progressed greatly with the SRMS, and we will continue to offer better service to our students as the SRMS improves.

Congratulations to our team of software engineers for 10 years of online service. 2

Dr Theodosius Velloza, Deputy Registrar

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