EU Funds UG - ChildLink Project to Strengthen Community Response in Managing Migrant and other Emergency Responses in Guyana

15th December, 2021 0 comments

The University of Guyana, on Wednesday, December 1, 2021, inked a Memorandum  of Understanding (MoU) with ChildLink – a Non-Governmental Organisation, under  a project funded by the European Union (EU). This agreement would see the  University developing two programmes aimed at strengthening the capacity of  humanitarians and social workers with the knowledge, skills and attitudes to  effectively and efficiently manage migrant and other emergencies impacting  communities in Guyana.  

The MoU was signed during a simple ceremony at the Office of the Vice-Chancellor,  Turkeyen Campus. The initiative is being funded by the European Office in Guyana  and will boost the capacity of both pre-university and UG Social Work students to deal  with migration and other disasters and offer much-needed psychosocial support.  

University of Guyana’s Vice-Chancellor, XI, Prof. Paloma Mohamed Martin expressed  sincere thanks to the European Union for funding the project, noting that the initiative  will bring communities together with resources they desperately need.  

Prof. Mohamed Martin further posited that the influx of migrants from Venezuela and  Brazil have increased due to COVID-19. “Often when we have these global tragedies it  is the smallest and the most vulnerable who are forgotten. This project does not forget them and for that, we are very thankful to ChildLink for helping the University to be  involved in bringing relief to those persons who most need it at the community and  individual levels,” the VC said. 

Ambassador of the European Union to Guyana, His Excellency Fernando Ponz Canto  in his remarks posited that the European Union is very happy to finance the  programme as part of a boarder programme to help those who are most at risk during  these difficult times.  

Ambassador Ponz Canto highlighted that UG will play an instrumental role in  implementing, equipping and training 50 persons per year so that the right kind of  social services that are needed for the children can be provided. “It is instrumental that  children are linked to the communities and social services so that they can receive the  assistance that is needed," the Ambassador noted.  

University of Guyana’s Deputy Vice-Chancellor, Prof. Emanuel Cummings stated that  the MoU will further enhance and complement the work being done by the University.  “We are pleased to be a part of this initiative that will ensure that our social workers  and our sociologist are trained and equipped with the kind of knowledge that is needed  to ensure this programme is successful," Prof. Cummings expressed.  

Dean of UG’s Faculty of Social Sciences, Dr. Paulette Henry in brief remarks noted that  it is a privilege for the University to formally engage with ChildLink and the European  Union. 

“This coming together for Social Work and ChildLink to design a programme for  communities and to manage migrant emergencies are essential. This will allow our  social workers to continue to do the work they do, as well as allow our undergraduate  and graduate students to select from among these courses as electives," Dr. Henry  highlighted. 

Consultant of ChildLink, Ms. Bonita Harris representing Chair of the Board said: “This  collaboration with UG is to engage academics so as to increase knowledge and skills to  create opportunities for professionals to be more equipped to address emergencies in  Guyana.”  

Ms. Harris added: "This initiative places more emphasis on target groups that have  influential roles in making communities safer and inclusive for children and their  families, including migrants and children with disability. We recognise this as a good  opportunity to engage the University of Guyana in creating more tangible changes in  these emergencies.” 

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