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UG Celebrates 10 Years of Online Service

3rd May, 2019 0 comments

The University of Guyana celebrates completion of 10 years of offering online services on the 19th April 2019. Students Records Management System (SRMS) was opened for Online Applications on the 19th April 2009.

Prior to this, Prospective Students, Current Students and Alumni had to make their applications on paper for various students services. After the launch of SRMS, many features like Registration for courses, Leave of Absence, Change of Registration, Exemptions, Transfers, Programme Withdrawals, Transcript Applications, Payment Options, etc were added in a phased manner.

SRMS has been designed and developed using Free and Open Source Software by the staff from Department of Software Services. Our team is conscious of the fact that SRMS has to be more student-friendly, easy to use and there is so much scope for improvements. It's a work in progress. We are happy to be of service to you. - Staff, Dept. Of Software Services

Anniversaries are always opportunities to reflect and give appreciation, and a tenth anniversary is an even more notable milestone, especially for something as institutionally significant and impactful as the SRMS. Thus, allow me to take this opportunity to record my enormous thanks to the Software Services team, both for creating this enterprise mechanism and for maintaining and enhancing it over the years.

I trust that our efforts to move to an industry enterprise soon will begin to bear fruit, and that we shall be celebrating the launch of Ellucian Banner before too long.

Professor Ivelaw Lloyd Griffith, Ph.D., C.C.H., Vice Chancellor and Principal

Without SRMS - A student visits my office, airs a concern. I listen, then ask the student to return because I want to peruse her/his academic records. After the perusal, I request the student to return, then conclude the matter. A passage of time no less than 24 hours has elapsed.

With SRMS - I go online, and retrieve the student’s record electronically, while the student is in my office. I peruse the record and deal with the matter immediately. A passage of time no more than 15 minutes has elapsed!

This transformational relationship between the University and its clientele was only possible with the advent of the SRMS.

From online application for admission to online application for a transcript, our client can be within the comfort of home or office and complete transactions with us.

Students are notified via email when grades are available, financial standing can be viewed and monitored by administrative Heads and clients online, and alumni can track the progress of their transcript applications.

Internal transfer of physical files has been minimized. Staff in the Faculty and the Registry can view the same record simultaneously.

Indeed, we have progressed greatly with the SRMS, and we will continue to offer better service to our students as the SRMS improves.

Congratulations to our team of software engineers for 10 years of online service. 2

Dr Theodosius Velloza, Deputy Registrar

University of Guyana Cooperative Credit Union Limited (UGCCUL) Recently launched its Online Service

6th July, 2020 0 comments

The University of Guyana Cooperative Credit Union Limited (UGCCUL) has recently launched its ONLINE SERVICE, guidelines to access are as follows:

1. Application Forms can be accessed online through HRMIS or UG’s website a.) Print form, fill out completely, scan and email to, the completed form must clearly state how you intend to receive your funds (MMG or Bank). Once completed, place the original form along with any supporting documents in the drop box at UG’s Security Lodge, Turkeyen Campus, Greater Georgetown. The deadline for submission of forms is every Tues- day at 14:30 h.

2. Payment of processing and expeditious fees will be deducted from your special savings, if no special savings exist then your ordinary shares will be used. There is NO PROCESSING FEE for withdrawal from your special savings. Payment to members will only be made upon receipt of the completed original form and any supporting documents. Incomplete forms will not be processed.

3. Processing times for Regular and Special loans – is approximately two (2) weeks and withdrawal of special sav- ings is the Friday of the same week.

Loans are currently being offered in the following categories, Education, Computer, Vacation & Refinance Loans, at a maximum total of $500,000 each. Criteria to access a loan are as following 1. Persons must provide a recent pay slip and at least $200,000 in ordinary shares. 2.) For Special and Regular loans - a recent pay slip and sufficient ordinary shares must be provided by Guarantors and borrowing members to cover the value of the loan requested.

Types of loans available:

Special Savings – special savings can be accessed for emergency or planned purposes, it is relatively easy to access your savings for emergency or planned purposes. Contribute monthly to the savings through salary deductions. With- draw cash from available balances through “the savings withdrawal slip”.

Refinancing -this product offers members who have debts at retail stores (Courts and Singers) and other financial insti- tutions the opportunity to transfer those debts to the credit union in order to reduce the interest costs. This can also be used to facilitate land and home ownership and repairs and renovation to member’s property. Maximum repayment for this period is thirty-six (36) months.

Regular Loan- These loans are for productive and providential purposes. Currently, each full member is entitled to loans three (3) times the amount of their ordinary shares balance to the maximum of five hundred thousand dollars ($500,000). Other members (two (2) persons) must guarantee this loan. The total ordinary shares of the borrowing member AND guarantors must be sufficient to cover the loan requested. The repayment period depends on the value of loan requested. The maximum repayment period is thirty-six (36) months.

Special Loan (School Supplies) - The purpose is to alleviate the cost of school uniform and supplies. Loans are given in multiples of five thousand dollars ($5,000) with maximum loan being sixty thousand dollars ($60,000) repayable in six (6) monthly installments from September to February. Loans can be accessed and received in July and August.

Education Loan - The purpose is to alleviate the financial burden of further educational studies for members. Invoices must be obtained from the tuition/educational providers. Cheques will be made out to the tuition/educational providers. Members repay the loan based on the current loan policy. Maximum repayment period is thirty-six (36) months.

Special Loan (Christmas) - The purpose is to defray expenses during the festive season - extravagant spending is not encouraged. These loans are given in multiples of five thousand dollars ($5,000), with maximum loan being sixty thou- sand dollars ($60,000) repayable in six (6) monthly installments from March to August. Loans can be accessed and re- ceived in November and December.

Vacation Loan- The purpose is to defray the cost of planned vacation. The amount of loan can be based on estimated costs before the vacation is taken or actual cost if the vacation had occurred already. The maximum repayment period is usually twelve (12) months. A longer period is permitted depending on the circumstances. Once loans are issued based on the estimated costs a statement of actual cost to justify the loans is expected within one (1) month of conclusion of the vacation. Only cost of travel, hotel stay, meals and directly related vacation costs are allowed/permitted. Ability to repay must be exhibited by borrowing members.

Computer Equipment Loan- The purpose is to alleviate the cost of purchase of computer related equipment for educa- tional or professional use by members. Invoices must be obtained from the product providers. Cheques will be made out to the product providers. The members repay the loan based on the current loan policy. Maximum repayment period is thirty-six (36) months.

ALL FULL MEMBERS of the UGCCUL are entitled to apply for any of the financial products offered. 1.) To become a full member, one must have made at least six (6) monthly contributions in accordance with credit union’s regu- lations. 2) Recent pay slips are requested to facilitate the determination of members’ ability to repay. In addition to monthly deductions through your salary, repayment of loans can be made over-the-counter. Official receipts must be ob- tained for all over-the-counter transactions. Contribution to an ordinary share is compulsory. The recommended mini- mum monthly contribution is one thousand dollars ($1,000).

PROCESSING FEE FOR ALL LOANS IS $500. Additionally, there is an expeditious fee of $1,500.
For additional information and/or clarification, please make contact with (UGCCUL) on telephone number: 624-3550.

Public Relations Division, July 6, 2020

Please see the links to the forms below:

‘With oil funds, free university education possible’ – new Chancellor of UG

3rd December, 2019 0 comments


With the recently increased discussions on the University of Guyana (UG) becoming a tuition-free zone, newly appointed Chancellor, Professor Edward Greene believes that making education at the University free is certainly achievable.

During a recent interview with Inews, Professor Greene was asked about his thoughts on the concept of free education at UG. Greene noted that not only is it doable, the right to free education is also enshrined in the Constitution.

“I think [free education] is doable. With the resources from oil, we can find a way to make that a priority. As a matter of fact, it’s enshrined in the Constitution. And I think when we look at what happens in Singapore and the rest of South-East Asia, where they really developed education from childhood to university and made that free,” he explained.

Greene noted the developmental potential that those countries have been able to realise and the importance of investments in human capital. According to the academic, investing in human capital can bring enormous returns to the country as a whole.

“The investment in human capital bears returns that are enormous. And I would certainly urge and collaborate with the Government to really come through with their promise of free education,” he said.

Article 27 of the Constitution of Guyana states that every citizen has the right to free education from nursery to University. At UG, however, there have in fact been incremental increases in tuition and various services since 2017.

With elections on the horizon, various political parties have pitched the idea of implementing free education at UG, which currently has over 5000 students enrolled. There is an international precedent for free tertiary education, with countries like Germany, Brazil and Norway offering world-class public university education free of cost.

The former Deputy Secretary General of the Caribbean Community (Caricom) and decorated diplomat officially took over as Chancellor at the University’s 53rd Convocation ceremony on November 16. His appointment ends almost a year’s search for someone to succeed former Chancellor Emeritus Nigel Harris.

Greene enters office at a time when UG is under the direction of an Interim Management Committee that was set up after the controversial departure of former Vice Chancellor, Professor Ivelaw Griffith. During his interview, Greene acknowledged that at present, the University faces many challenges.

“But there are lots of opportunities, especially given we are on the cusp of a buoyant economy. So I think one of the short term things the University can do is to ensure it develops the kind of programmes that can equip its graduates to get engaged in the sustainable development future of Guyana.”

Greene also explained that from his observations, there are areas for improvement in infrastructure on campus. As an example, he noted that given the importance of Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics (STEM), there should be improvements to the laboratories.

The Chancellor also noted the importance of the University engaging the community, rather than leaving the institution with the perception of being an ‘ivory tower’. According to Greene, UG must be able to provide perspectives, including research, on issues that affect the wider community.

“Chief among these issues is how do we tackle climate change. Together because it’s a human endeavour, how do we develop towards a green economy? How do we really level the playing field so that more people can have opportunities to get a higher education, and technical training? That’s how I see us moving in the immediate future. I call it the low-hanging fruit.”

By Jarryl Bryan




Prof. Edward Greene is new University of Guyana Chancellor, Envoy Extraordinaire also named

13th November, 2019 0 comments

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The University of Guyana views with deep concern the recent utterances purported to have been made by one of our young students. While we embrace the aspirations of our nation, which is founded on the values of “one people, one nation, one destiny”, we acknowledge that these incidents do not emerge in isolation. In fact, our scholars have been interrogating this persistent national problem for many decades.

The University notes that the student has already voluntarily recanted his statements and apologised publicly. We would hope that he would now be allowed to reflect and consider the consequences of his actions and to grow past this moment. Our staff will continue to work with him and any others to identify the triggers and any underlying factors to be addressed which could have led to this outburst.

The University of Guyana aspires to be a model for the nation. In doing so all our constituents, including staff and students are reminded of our values at this sad but instructive time. “UG’s” values include mutual respect and sanctity of all cultures and groups; commitment to social inclusion and protection of all forms of life; upliftment of mind, body, spirit, and of the vulnerable; adherence to the principles of fairness, highest moral, ethical and professional responsibility, and a total rejection of all forms of bigotry and discrimination.

The University would also wish to ask those sharing the video to consider not doing so. Sharing such content may have the unintended negative effect of unintentionally perpetuating those utterances and behaviours which we rightfully decry in Guyana.

We had been planning a series of internal and public interventions for the next few months and this incident has now brought them back into sharp focus.

We sincerely thank you for your understanding and responsible actions.

The University of Guyana

Transitional Management Committee (TMC)

November 6, 2019

Convocation 2019

5th November, 2019 0 comments

Given the anticipated large number of graduates for 2019, the Turkeyen graduation will be staged over two (2) separate ceremonies. The convocation ceremonies for the Turkeyen campus are scheduled for Saturday, November 16, 2019.  The schedule for the ceremonies are as follows:





  • Agriculture & Forestry
  • Earth & Environmental Sciences
  • Education & Humanities
  • Natural Sciences
  • Institute of Distance & Cont. Education
  • Engineering & Technology


  • Social Sciences
  • Entrepreneurship & Business Innovation
  • Health Sciences


The ceremony for the Berbice campus is scheduled for Saturday, November 23, 2019.  If there are any changes to these dates and/or, same will be communicated to the prospective graduates as early as possible.

The convocation ceremonies for the Turkeyen campus will be held at the University Square, Turkeyen campus, whilst the ceremony for the Berbice Campus will be held at the University Lawns (Berbice Campus) as customary.


For more details, visit: Convocation 2019


University of Guyana - Premium Stone Rings & Signature Signet

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For more details, visit: Convocation 2019 or contact the supplier at Caribbean Awards

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