Quick Answers to Frequently Asked Questions for the University of Guyana’s Convocation.

Note: This page will be updated with Important Convocation Information as they become available. Last Updated: March 4, 2021

All prospective graduands may check their grades summary/profile utilizing the SRMS (Students Records Management System). In addition, the Office of the Registry will provide each Faculty/School/Division with a list of approved graduands for the Academic Year 2019/2020 by March 8, 2021.For further queries or clarification, prospective graduands may also call the graduation help desk. This service is applicable for Turkeyen Campus as well as Berbice and IDCE.

Graduation Virtual Help Desk



Assigned Telephone/ WhatsApp contact numbers



623-1941, 623-1867, 623-1869, 623-1871, 623-1924, 623-1863, 623-1942, 624-1943, 623-1944, 623-1945, 623-1946, 623-1948



623-1943 or 623-1949

Or Assistant Registrar Students’ Welfare:
Email: studentswelfare@uog.edu.gy
Contact #: 592-623-1925

In keeping with the Ministry of Health COVID-19 guidelines for physical distancing, the graduation ceremony will be held virtually and will follow the schedule outlined in the table below:




Friday, March 19, 2021

18:00 hrs - 21:00 hrs

  • Entrepreneurship and Business Innovation (Turkeyen and Berbice)
  • Engineering and Technology (Turkeyen and Berbice)
  • Agriculture and Forestry(Turkeyen and Berbice)

Saturday, March 20, 2021

18:00 hrs - 21:00 hrs

  • College of Medical Sciences (Turkeyen and Berbice)
  • Natural Sciences (Turkeyen and Berbice)

Friday, March 26, 2021

18:00 hrs - 21:00 hrs

  • Faculty of Social Sciences (Turkeyen and Berbice)

Saturday, March 27, 2021

18:00 hrs - 21:00 hrs

  • Earth and Environmental Sciences (Turkeyen and Berbice)
  • Education and Humanities (Turkeyen and Berbice)
  • Institute for Distance and Continuing Education DEGREE & DIPLOMA PROGRAMMES (Turkeyen and Berbice)

Monday March 29, 2021

18:00 hrs - 21:00 hrs

  • Institute for Distance and Continuing Education EXTRA MURAL PROGRAMMES ONLY (Georgetown, Linden, Bartica, Mabaruma, Anna Regina, and Berbice)

Any changes to these dates and/or, same will be communicated to the prospective graduands via SRMS at least 48 hours before ceremony.
For the first time in UGs 58th year history, the convocation ceremonies will be held virtually for all campuses. Because of the delayed dates and the virtual nature of the events due to prevailing COVID-19 conditions, the graduands from all campuses will be combined. There will be four (4) different graduation ceremonies for clusters of different faculties/schools/academic divisions held on different days as indicated above. The special Zoom links for students will be embedded on the virtual invitations and will be sent via SRMS. There is no limit to how many family members and well wishers a graduand may invite this year, but invitees of graduands must view the proceedings on the live stream via the University of Guyana’s Facebook Page.
No. There will be no physical rehearsals.

Graduands are required to pay a standard fee of G$7,000. This is to cover the cost of your Academic Certificate; padded hardcovers for certificates; postage (if requested); deluxe Convocation Booklet with photograph inserts. Note if you are renting a gown the fee will be different. See below for additional costs.

In order to be seen in the event you will require a professional graduation photograph to be taken by our photographers to the specifications. The cost for this will be underwritten this year by the Alumni association and included with the certificates in student’s graduation folders free of cost.

Photography schedule for Turkeyen Campus is accessible here.
Photography Guidelines booklet is accessible here.
The photography schedule for Berbice Campus will be added in the next round of updates.

The steps for accessing your graduation fee invoice are:
  1. Log into the SRMS (Students Records Management System) as a current student,
  2. Confirm your attendance at the convocation ceremony, and if you wish to rent a gown.
  3. If you wish to have your certificate mailed, please indicate on your profile and verify in the remarks column if necessary the mailing address that you would need to have used.

If you do not know your USI (Unique Student Identifier), please use the ‘FindMyUSI’ link on SRMS to retrieve same.

Note: If your invoice is not immediately available do not panic, they will all become available by March 10, 2021.

No. It is not compulsory to have a gown to take your photo, however, for those who wish to wear a gown you must indicate via SRMS your desire to do so. There will be a G$7000 rental and cleaning fee for the gown in addition to the graduation fee of $7,000. The total cost based on your choice will be reflected in the invoice generated via SRMS.

You must indicate by latest by midnight Sunday March 7, 2021 via the SRMS if you are renting a gown to give enough time to have your gown retrieved, cleaned and prepared in time for you to take your photos in time to be included in the virtual graduation.

If You Are Having your Photos Taken by UG Photographers: So, if you are having your photograph taken on the campuses, kindly coordinate your visit to the campuses beginning on Monday, March 8, 2021 to uplift the academic regalia so that it will coincide with the date that your respective Faculty/ School/College or Institute is scheduled for photography. Academic regalia will be issued Mondays to Fridays between 10:30 am to 1:15 pm and again from 3pm to 7pm.

Note that you can take the opportunity to settle any liabilities to the Library on the same day as you will take your photos. The library staff will be on hand outside the Library building to process your returns and liabilities in a safe manner.

If you are making use of one of the University’s Regional photographers, you may proceed to uplift your academic regalia from our campuses Monday, March 8, 2021 Mondays to Fridays 10:30 am to 3:15 pm.

This photo is free of cost as indicated. Strict COVID-19 Protocols will be implemented and must be followed if your photograph is taken on or off campus. These protocols will be sent via SRMS. Kindly note: You are not encouraged to replicate the University’s regalia i.e., to sew/make our gowns.

Turkeyen graduands are hereby advised that the academic regalia will be issued from The Education Lecture Theatre (ELT). The point person for issuance of academic regalia at the Turkeyen campus is Ms. V. Woolford, contact # 610 1747.

The point person for issuance of academic regalia at the Berbice Campus is Ms. Taneysha Ms. Kenzie, contact #638 4514.

All female graduands are required to wear white or off-white dresses of modest and sober cut. All male graduands are required to wear white shirts, dark ties (the University of Guyana ties are an option) and dark pants; dark suits are also an option.

Yes. All graduands are required to complete graduation payment by March 12. This is to facilitate the following: Timely management of photography across the country; editing and pre-production by the online graduation team. For those graduating on March 19 and 20 all photographs must be submitted no later than March 14, 2021. For those who will be graduating on March 26 and 27 the deadline for photographs is March 22, 2021. Keep checking your email and our website for updates or call the graduation help desk for assistance. A list of Regional Photographers will also be provided for persons residing in or around Region 2, 7, 9 and 10.

For Graduands from the Berbice Campus, your photographs will be taken at UGBC – the schedule will be provided by March 08, 2021.

Photography schedule for Turkeyen Campus is accessible here; Photography Guidelines booklet is accessible here.

Where professional photographers are not available kindly or are unable to visit our photographers, kindly use the photo guidelines booklet to take your own image and submit to graduation.decc@uog.edu.gy.

Payment of the graduation fee can be done:
  1. Bill Express (please ensure to advise the teller that the payment is for the Graduation Fee). This is applicable for Turkeyen and Berbice Campuses.
  2. GTT’s Mobile Money Guyana (MMG). This is applicable for Turkeyen and Berbice Campuses.
  3. SurePay (please ensure to advise the teller that the payment is for the Graduation Fee). This is applicable for Turkeyen and Berbice Campuses.

Turkeyen Campus

Berbice Campus

Name of Bank: RBL (guy)
Name of Acct: UG General Acc
Account No: 962956880181
Branch: Camp Street
Account Type: Chequing

Name of Bank: RBL (guy)
Name of Acct: UG General Acc
Account No: 976556655716
Branch: Rosehall
Account Type: Chequing

(Note: for payments made at the bank, a scanned copy or photograph/screenshot of the deposit slips along with the graduation fee invoice must be sent for Turkeyen Campus via email to bursary.fees@uog.edu.gy and for Berbice Campus ugbc.bursary@uog.edu.gy. Graduands are reminded to record their name and USI on the deposit slips before emailing same.

Please retain a copy of your receipts or a screenshot of your transaction in the event it becomes necessary to use same to expedite your processes with us. Please bring along a copy of your receipts when you come to take your photographs with a UG photographer.

The graduation fee covers the associated costs for the: provision of certificates with specially crafted covers; printed convocation booklet; professional graduation photograph taken with a graduation gown; and postal cost.
Invitations and advisories will be sent via email and SRMS after March 4, 2021 for the graduation ceremonies. The convocation booklets will also be available for download digitally from the graduation website 24 hours before each ceremony.
Because graduation is virtual, friends and family can share the experience with you via our streaming of the ceremonies on the University’s Facebook page. There is no restriction on numbers you can invite to share your special moment.
Approximately 2 hrs.
Yes. A Sign Language interpreter will be present at each graduation ceremony.

No. Certificates will only be available in the period after the ceremony, when the individual clearances (all outstanding fees and obligations) would have been processed. Graduands can indicate via SRMS if they would like to receive their certificates by postage or uplift in person. Those requesting postage must verify the mailing address to be used.

Those uplifting may do so only by appointment.

Certificates would be available from April 27, 2021. The University is also issuing Letters of Completion and transcripts. The transcript process usually takes around 7 to 10 business days. Once an online transcript application is processed, payment should be made to Republic Bank Limited Account # 962956880181 and a copy of the receipt of payment sent to: uoghelpdesk@gmail.com, examinations.registry@uog.edu.gy copied to bursary.fees@uog.edu.gy.

You may authorize someone to uplift your certificate on your behalf. Said authorization can be sent via email to studentswelfare@uog.edu.gy or you may also request your certificate to be sent via postage.

Submit your Library tickets, clear any other indebtedness to the University inclusive of your Graduation Fee.

If you are indebted to the Library and need to make payments in order to uplift your certificate, please follow the steps outlined below which are tailored for both Turkeyen and Berbice Campuses.

  • Check your student’s profile online (SRMS) to verify whether you are indebted to the Library. If you are indebted, the amount will be stated in the remarks column for the library. If the amount is not stated or you have a query about the amount stated, please contact us at:
  • Kindly visit any Republic Bank branch
  • Fill out deposit slips or relevant fields if using the RepublicOnline banking services; using account numbers:
    • Turkeyen Campus Library - 96295-688-062-9
    • Berbice Campus Fees account - 97655-665-571-6
  • Deposit the amount owed to the library into the University of Guyana account numbers as provided above depending on the campus you are attending.
  • Send a picture/scanned image of the deposit slip or forward the Republic bank transfer notification as proof of payment if the transaction is completed online to the bursary’s e-mail: bursary.fees@uog.edu.gy and the respective library’s e-mail:
  • Or you can also send a picture of the deposit slip via WhatsApp to:
    • Turkeyen Campus Library - 638-4432 or 642-7105
    • Berbice Campus Library - 651-4411 or 642-7006

If you are in possession of the two (2) yellow reading room tickets, please scan the tickets (name and address must be visible) and send to the respective library’s email addresses or to the WhatsApp numbers listed above; if they are required for clearance.

Additionally, the Library will conduct curbside drop off of books that are outstanding and need to be returned in order for library clearance to be granted. The details of this facility will be communicated to all prospective graduates via email and the University of Guyana recommended social media platforms.

Graduands should check with their Head of Department/Faculty/School/Division or Registry.

Also, they can call the graduation virtual help desk. Please ensure that you have all necessary details of your studies and records handy to cut down any delays.



Assistant Dean FEES – 642-6958
Assistant Dean FET – 638-4413
Assistant Dean FEH – 642-6989
Assistant Dean FAF – 642-6944
Assistant Dean FHS – 642-7166
Assistant Dean FNS – 642-7314
Assistant Dean FSS – 6241312

IDCE – 642-7007 or 642-7009

FEES - https://fees.uog.edu.gy/
FET - https://fot.uog.edu.gy/
FEH - https://feh.uog.edu.gy/
FAF - https://faf.uog.edu.gy/
CMS - https://fhs.uog.edu.gy/
FNS - https://fns.uog.edu.gy/
FSS - https://fss.uog.edu.gy/
SEBI- https://sebi.uog.edu.gy/
IDCE - https://idce.uog.edu.gy/

IDCE students doing diploma or degree programmes (intra-mural) will graduate on Saturday March 27, 2021 and all other extra-mural students from all IDCE Centres will graduate on Monday March 29, 2021 as indicated in the table above.

IDCE Contact numbers: 642-7009, 623-0359, 642-7007, 688-4662. Email address: queries.idce@uog.edu.gy.
You are entitled to a resit examination. The student can engage the Head of Department (HOD) or the Assistant Dean of the respective Faculty/School.

You can apply for a special resit examination as an upgrade. This process is handled by the Office of the Deputy Registrar. The student is encouraged to write via email to the Deputy Registrar vellozat@uog.edu.gy and depreg@uog.edu.gy and copy to the Dean and Assistant Dean of the Faculty/School.



Dean & Assistant Dean

Social Sciences 

Economics - Sydney Armstrong - sydney.armstrong@uog.edu.gy 

GIA – O’Neil Greaves – 


Sociology - Andrew Hicks – andrew.hicks@uog.edu.gy

Social Work - Shonnel Enoe – shonell.enoe@uog.edu.gy

Master’s in social work - Debbie Hopkinson - debbie.hopkinson@uog.edu.gy 

Law - Prof. Duke Pollard – duke.e.e.pollard@gmail.co

Centre for Communication Studies - Ms. Nelsonia Persaud-Budhram - nelsonia.persaudbudhram@uog.edu.gy

Dean - Mr. Hector Edwards - hector.edwards@uog.edu.gy

Assistant Dean - Ms. Diana Gobin - diana.gobin@uog.edu.gy

Natural Sciences

Biology - Prof. Abdullah Ansari - biology.head@uog.edu.gy 

Chemistry - Ms. Samantha Joseph -chemistryhead.fns@uog.edu.gy 

Computer Science - Ms. Aurel Liddell - csi.head@uog.edu.gy 

Mathematics, Physics & Statistics - Mr. Antalov Jagnandan - mps.head@uog.edu.gy 

Dean - Dr. Troy Thomas- troy.thomas@uog.edu.gy 

Assistant Dean- Ms. Diana Seecharran- diana.seecharran@uog.edu.gy

Mr.Dave Sarran- dave.sarran@uog.edu.gy 

Agriculture & Forestry

 Agriculture -Elroy Charles -elroy.charles@uog.edu.gy

Forestry- Gregory Hodge - gregory.hodge@uog.edu.gy

Dean - Dr. Lawrence Lewis- lawrence.lewis@uog.edu.gy 

Assistant Dean- Ms. Kaye McAllister


College of Medicine

Director, SoAH - davon.vanveen@uog.edu.gy

Director Pharmacy - kjeeboo@uog.edu.fy 

Director Nursing - noel.holder@uog.edu.gy

Director Density - carlos.varona@uog.edu.gy

Director, Medicine - reeta.gobin@uog.edu.gy

Dean - Dr. Cecil Boston- cecil.boston@yog.edu.gy 

Assistant Dean- Ms. Martina McKenzie – martina.makenzie@uog.edu.gy 

 Engineering & Technology

Architecture- Ms. Shion Norton-McLean


Civil Engineering- Mr. Maxwell Jackson


Electrical Engineering- Mr. Mahendra Kanhai m.kanhai@yahoo.commahendra.kanhai@uog.edu.gy 

Mechanical Engineering- Ms. Elena Trim


Petroleum & Geological Engineering- Ms. Verlyn Klass verlyn.klass@uog.edu.gy 

Dean - Ms. Verlyn Klass


Assistant Dean- Mr. Basheer Khan


Mr. Anil James- anil.james@uog.edu.gy 

Earth & Environmental Sciences 

 Environmental- Studies Ms. Shanomae Rose hodes.fees@uog.edu.gy

 Geography- Ms. Linda Johnson-Bhola - hodgeography.fees@uog.edu.gy

Dean - Dr Timothy Oyedontun


Assistant Dean- Mr. Seon Hamer


Education & Humanities 

Foundation & Education Management- Dr. Michelle Semple Mc Bean michelle.mcbean@uog.edu.gy

History & Caribbean Studies- Mr. Dwayne Benjamin


Language & Culture Studies- Mr. Al Creighton 


-Research & Graduate Studies- Ms. Kara Lord


Curriculum & Instruction- Mr. Azad Khan


Coordinator Youth & Community Dev. Prog- Mr. Wil Campbell. wil.campbell@uog.edu.gy

Coordinator Masters Programme- Ms. Jill Medford


Coordinator Amerindian Research Unit- Ms. Louisa Daggers louisa.daggers@uog.edu.gy

Dean -Dr. Roslin Khan roslin.khan@uog.edu.gy 

Assistant Dean- Dr. Tamirand DeLisser


Dr. Lidon Lashley- lidon.lashley@uog.edu.gy 

Entrepreneurship & Business Innovation 

Management- Ms. Evelina Singh – (Turkeyen) evelina.singh@uog.edu.gy

Management- Mr. Feroze Khan - (Berbice) feroze.khan@uog.edu.gy

Dean - Prof. Leyland Lucas


Assistant Dean- Ms. Shenera Sam 


 Berbice Campus

Director-Prof. Gomathinayagam Subramanian


Assistant Director- Ms. Pamela Rose


Institute for Distance and Continuing Education

Anna Regina- Tagebrattie Singh-Jaichand-
Email: tagebrittie.singh-jaichand@uog.edu.gy

Berbice- Donella Edwards-
Email: donella.edwards@uog.edu.gy

Linden- Patricia George -
Email: patricia.george@uog.edu.gy

Director- Dr. Jacqueline Murray


Assistant Director- Mr. David Cort



Please note that entry into the campus is being allowed only for the graduate. All persons must submit to the University’s Safe Mode protocols which can be found here. This includes submitting to temperature tests , sanitization and any other instructions at the point of entry. All persons must wear masks, sanitize hands and maintain physical distance at all times.

UG Masks: University of Guyana masks and other memorabilia will be available for sale at the University Bookstore in the Psychology building or online at https://store.uog.edu.gy/.

Contact Us

  • The University of Guyana
    Turkeyen Campus
    Greater Georgetown
  • +(592)-222-2740
  • admissions@uog.edu.gy