Crop Protection certification programme to be introduced at UG Tain Campus

17th January, 2018 0 comments

Farmers from across Berbice will now be provided with the opportunity to be trained and certified in crop protection. According to the Director of the University of Guyana Berbice Campus Gomathinayagam Subramanian, a special certification programme has been drafted to engage farmers in Berbice with mostly practical training on crop protection.

“The certification programme is only for farmers and it does not contain much reading or writing. It is designed in a way that farmers can do the practicals which are expected to start this academic year in September,” Subramanian explained. Registration for the programme will soon commence and will cost farmers $50,000 each. The director noted that persons who are not farmers are also welcome to join.

“Maybe in the future, we will expand to Turkeyen but this is what the Berbice campus is going to offer, I already submitted everything to my faculty and they will take almost two months to confirm everything. But if other persons want to join they are free to do so; but it’s for mostly farmers” the director clarified. This exercise is expected to last for six weeks and Subramania noted that the certificate that farmers will receive on completion of the course, will be recognized similarly as any other certificate received the University of Guyana.

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Nand Persaud invests $40M in UG Tain Campus for soil testing lab

2nd December, 2017 0 comments

With Guyana lacking the capability to fully support international markets with rice, the industry will soon benefit from a multi-million-dollar soil testing lab at the University of Guyana (UG) Tain Campus, Berbice. This new initiative will help farmers to make better judgment of the soil. Nand Persaud and Company Limited recently donated $40M to start the project.

Signing the Memorandum of Understanding (MOU) last Thursday evening at the Pegasus Hotel was the Company’s Managing Director, Ragindra Persaud, and Principal of UG, Professor Ivelaw Griffith. The CEO of the Company said that studies have proven that soil testing plays a critical role in the production of all crops, since soils are necessary for the various produces. The soil laboratory will help farmers all across Guyana to be better able to make the right judgments when it comes to the soil and what it needs, rather than guessing.

He added that the lab will assist the farmers to make scientific decisions on what fertiliser to apply to the soil. Persaud said that after the soils are tested, one would know what deficiency the soil has and the farmers will replace that. The farmers will also reduce the spending on fertilisers cost since they will know the right and adequate amount they have to apply to the soil. Persaud told the audience that farmers should be looking in the direction of reducing cost, especially in the rice industry since the demand for rice is on the rise.

He added that Guyana exports an average of 500,000 tonnes of rice annually. He reminded about the Cuban and Mexican rice deal; the countries import some one million tonnes of rice annually.
The equipment for the soil lab will be supplied during the first part of the New Year, according to Persaud.

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