Eco-Trust – Inauguration of the President & Members

Eco-Trust Society on September 23, 2014 inaugurated its new board of executives in a small exquisite formal ceremony.

The Guest speaker, University of Guyana Student’s Society (UGSS) President (ag.) Joshua Griffith swore in the new executives. He encouraged the new executives stating that, “You have done a lot but there is more to be done. The campus is waiting on you to make an impact. You owe it to yourself to leave your mark on this society right now. So I am charging you Eco-Trust to do more, to make a change, to be the change so that generations to come will remember this Eco-Trust body.”

Eco-Trust new President Adrian Inniss said to those gathered that, “This new team hopes to take you through a fun, fulfilling and friendly year. Fun whether it be sports, Career Day or any other activity we will have a hell of a time fulfilling the achievements that we are aiming for, the memorable experiences, time spent together and networks created.”

A section of Eco-Trust members at the ceremony

He stated, “Friendly, we are a family in SEES, with a mutually supportive environment where we aim to create and promote social cohesiveness. Eco-Trust society is the tree within SEES that connects and holds us together as a family. With buttresses bonds that will last and be cherished throughout our lives.”

Inniss said, “As a united front, using the academic, professional and civil resources that we have, we will be researchers, we will be advocates, we will defend the environment and ensure sustainable development. Our voice will be loud and our pens louder! We cannot make a better past, but we can make a better future. As an Environmental Society we need to be vigilant. We live in an era where environmental issues are prominent in society. From Guyana’s Low Carbon Development Strategy, to the ‘Clean Up Guyana Campaign’. We have duties to ourselves, our nation and the world to be actively involved.”

The new executives include: President – Adrian Inniss, Vice President  – Crystal Blackmore, Secretary –Mariea Harrinaraine, Assistant secretary – Lakeram Singh, Treasurer – Nirmela Govinda, Assistant Treasurer – Omali Dare, Public Relations Officer – Alston Alleyne, Assistant PRO – Daniella Mohamad, Editor in Chief – Saliqa Zaman, Assistant Editor in chief – Rhea Kanhai, Project Manager – Alina Barnwell, Assistant Project Manager – Savita Kum. Year Representatives: First year – Bonita Davis, Second Year – Damali Seepaul, Third Year – Onyali Forbes, Fouth year – Sarah Henry.

FEES StaffEco-Trust – Inauguration of the President & Members
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  • Qwords Surabaya - December 18, 2015 reply

    I’am pretty happy to see no discrimination in here

    What an awesome president isn’t it?

    warm regards

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