University launches line of branded memorabilia

6th February, 2018 0 comments

STUDENTS of the University of Guyana (UG) as well as alumni, staff and members of the Diaspora are being encouraged to share awareness and experience a sense of pride for their university by equipping themselves with UG-branded items. These items include t-shirts, bags, ties, caps, water bottles, mugs, pens and many more to be introduced.

According to the Business Development Manager of the Office of Strategic Initiatives at the University, Caroline English, in addition to the groups previously mentioned, the university wants to involve other Guyanese. “We want, if possible, every individual in Guyana to have a branded UG item,” she said. “We want Guyanese to become aware…it’s creating a sense of ownership within Guyanese and a pride for their university.”

One of the branded items is the Guyanese-invented prolonged mug, by Professor Suresh Narine, which reduces the temperature of too-hot beverages within minutes to recommended temperatures preventing possible developments of cancer of the esophagus. Narine’s amazing invention has helped him cop the Anthony N. Sabga Caribbean Award for Excellence in Science and Technology in 2015.

These and other items are available at the university’s Campus Store and other outlets such as Giftland Mall, the Cheddi Jagan International Airport, and Metro on Quamina Street and in New Amsterdam.
Speaking to two students of the Faculty of Forestry, they gave their take on the newly introduced items.

“It’s nice that UG’s publishing the logos on these items now so that people can know more about the university,” commented, Paul White, who added that he would definitely utilise the items.
Meanwhile, his friend, Obeki Sobers said: “I think it’s great to have this product available for the students. Some of our classes are at eight in morning so we can use [the mugs] to put coffee or water.”

Making a final call to the public, English remarked: “To the alumni: You’ve been here. Continue to carry the UG banner; to the Diaspora: recognise that we’re here and support us and to UG students, staff and fellow Guyanese: own the University of Guyana. It belongs to us as Guyanese. Feel a sense of pride in UG, get one of their branded items!”

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