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The Department of Agriculture is aimed at producing highly trained professionals through teaching, research and service to cater for the development of agriculture to meet national and regional needs.

Motto: "Promoting Agriculture, Effecting Change"

The Department of Forestry is committed to produce a cadre of professionals through excellence in teaching, research and service to meet changing demands in forestry and related sectors locally and regionally.

Motto: "Sustainable Forestry Through Education"

The Forestry programme is well supported by the Barama Company Limited, Demerara Timbers Limited (DTL) and the Guyana Forestry Commission (GFC).

About the Faculty

The Faculty of Agriculture was established in 1977 offering a Bachelor of Science (B.Sc) in Agriculture. A Diploma in Forestry was introduced in 1987 and the B.Sc. in Forestry in 1996. The Forestry Unit was initially under the Office of the Vice-Chancellor and was placed under the Faculty of Agriculture in November 1989. The curricula for both the Diploma and the B.Sc. in Forestry were extensively revised in June 2001. Very shortly it is expected that the Faculty will offer a Msc in Agriculture.