2012/2013 University of Guyana Council Members

  1. Chancellor
  2. Pro-Chancellor
  3. Vice-Chancellor
  4. Mr Gary Mendonca, Rep. Committee of Deans
  5. Mr Phillip Da Silva, Rep. Academic Board
  6. Representative, UG Guild of Graduates
  7. Mr Duane Edwards, Rep. UG Students’ Society
  8. Mr Bruce Haynes, Rep. UG Workers’ Union
  9. Ms Melcita Bovell, Rep. Ministry of Education
  10. Mr Neermal Rekha, Rep. Ministry of Finance
  11. Mr Odinga Lumumba, Rep. PPP/C
  12. Dr Rupert Roopnarine, Rep. Parliamentary Opposition
  13. Ms Gail Teixeira, Rep. Women’s Interest
  14. Mr Dharankumar Seeraj, Rep. Farmers Interest, GRPA
  15. Ms Yvonne Pearson, Rep. Amerindian Interest
  16. Mr Samuel Goolsarran, Rep. Private Sector Commission
  17. Representative, GTUC
  18. Ms Damone Younge, Rep. Lawyers
  19. Ms Bibi Shadick, Rep. Lawyers
  20. Dr Anwar  A. Hussain, Rep. Medicine
  21. Chancellor Nominees (six)