The Neal and Massy Graduate Trainees' Programme

The Neal and Massy Guyana Group’s Graduate Trainees’ Programme, the first of its kind in Guyana, was launched on July 15, 1993.  Eleven (11) graduates from various disciplines were selected from among eighty-five (85) applicants.

In his opening remarks at the launching of the Programme, which was held in the Rupununi Room of the Tower Hotel, Mr. Asraph Ali the then Chairman of Neal and Massy Guyana Group, gave the following  outline of the Group’s vision for the Graduate Trainees’ Programme:

  • To start the process of the job training and to assist in the transition from school life to the working environment.
  • To assist in personal development, that is, preparing for life as a whole quite apart from the acquisition of technical skills.
  • To set an example and create an incentive to aspire similar positions for other young people.
  • To generate a closer relationship between industry and the educational institutions.
  • To provide an opportunity for our staff to make a meaningful contribution by providing guidance and support to the Trainees.
  • To provide a platform for further growth and development that will equip them with the high level of skills required in this era of trade liberalization and international competition.


The featured address was done by his Excellency Dr Cheddie Jagan (deceased). Dr. Jagan referred to the Programme as “…an investment of a kind to which very often only lip service is paid – an investment in the power of this country’s human resources and more specifically, our youth.  It is indeed important that Neal and Massy sees people, especially young people, as the true means of forging ahead and by which this nation will make it through the myriad of challenges that confront us.”

There was a lapse in the continuation of the Programme which was resuscitated on October 06, 1997.  Since then, the Group has offered places on the Programme to young, bright and ambitious graduates from the University of Guyana,  on a yearly basis.

To date, inclusive of the current batch (2007/8) 147 Trainees have been given the opportunity to participate in the Programme which basically tries to fast- track Trainees’ work experiences. 

The Training Programme is divided into three parts:

  • On-the-Job Training:

Trainees are assigned to one of six (6) Group Companies in a specific department.   Here they are exposed to the dynamics of working in a progressive organisation, and are given a number of tasks and assignments.  They are also given the opportunity to attend and make presentations at Management Meetings.

  • Classroom Training:

Trainees benefit from extensive classroom training by experienced Facilitators (local and overseas) in a number of areas under the following competencies:

  • Decision Maker & Change Leader
  • People Leader & Developer
  • Integrity Leader
  • Accountable Business Manager
  • Relationship Builder & Communicator
  • Strategic Thinker & Organiser


Arising out of the above competencies are training sessions on Leadership Development, Marketing and Customer Relationship, Financial Management, Corporate Governance, Communication & Presentation Skills amongst others.  All training sessions are fashioned to suit the working environment.

  • Quarterly Projects

Trainees are assigned quarterly projects which are strictly deadline-oriented.  These Projects are not academic, but rather developmental and are related to some aspect of the departments  to which the Trainees are attached.

A panel consisting of Group Directors and Senior Managers review the projects and interview Trainees on same, and the Trainees’ immediate supervisors complete a Performance Assessment for the period under review.  The total results of these determine whether the Trainee continues on the Programme.

Each Trainee is assigned a Mentor who acts as a source of psychological support during the one-year period.

The Graduate Trainees Programme was established to support the succession plan of the Group, and those Trainees currently in our employ occupy Managerial and Supervisory positions.


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